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Our service captures all parts of the value chain for film and video; from content licensing or self-distribution of premium content to distribution and consumption on all common mobile and Smart TV devices. Our new Ticket Player business concept will facilitate the way content owners can instantly distribute and monetise their premium content globally in a relevant way. Our customisable embed player allows our partners a fast time to market. The content owners can offer their premium entertainment directly to their customers on their dedicated websites and on various social media channels.

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FILM, FESTIVAL, MUSIC & Content owners

As dual physical and online media consumption is becoming the norm, you are looking to distribute and monetize content and serve your audience. Pantaflix Platform as a service (PaaS) solution offers a fast to deploy and easy to integrate end to end highly scalable and secure solution that blends in your existing systems and branding.


As a hospitality enterprise, you aim at offering your guests the best possible experience. An embedded Video on Demand service solution is a perfect addition to your services without stressing a possibly limited outside connectivity. Pantaflix Entertainment as Service (EaaS) solution offers an end-to-end service including premium content, curation, and editorial services to tailor the content offering to your guests, a platform that can be operated in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment and connects to your systems.


As an operator, retailer, smart TV vendor, or publisher you are looking to enrich your product offering with video on demand to increase customer satisfaction and ARPU while increasing the stickiness and loyalty of your large audience. Pantaflix Entertainment as a Service (EaaS) solution offers a fast to deploy, end to end solution including the online video platform, content licensing, and editorial services that blend in with your existing systems and branding.

Assemble your custom service by selecting the required components:


Content services

PANTAFLIX cover the entire digital content distribution process through its agile business model.

International licensing

PANTAFLIX has a proven content licensing track record. The company has long-term partnerships with major US studios and local independent content providers. Through its expansive international network, the company can obtain all genres and rights in the value chain to fit the desired business model.


The ultimate tool for publishers to take control over the distribution in a timely and transparent fashion. An ideal solution to publish and monetise content via our bespoke distribution pipeline. With a range of options the host can share and sell the content to its targeted audience.

Editorial/Curation & content strategy

The company can develop refined content strategies which are locally relevant across all content genres and categories.

Film, Series, Documentaries

Immediate access to a significant volume of more than 12,000 titles spanning award-winning titles, top performing global franchises and genre-specific magic.

Asset Management

Content Owners use Ticket Player, our studio approved online asset management system, to manage their content from ingest to distribution and monetarization.

Media upload

We allow fast and secure uploads of files of any size and any distance via SFTP or Aspera.

Content management

Manage video, audio, pictures and editiorial metadata in our online CMS.

Content processing

With our unique supply chain we are processing your content into premium quality video streams. We are combining elastic cloud processing tools with automated and manual quality control to guarantee highest quality, fast, secure and cost efficient processing.

Rights management

Content Owners can determin the availablitly of their content in terms of territories, timeframes, pricing, age ratings and user devices.

Reporting/ Analytics/ Royalties

Weekly and monthly reports for accounting. Reports for national collecting societies.

Modular Platform

The PANTAFLIX platform is based on a highly available autoscaling cloud or server infrastructure. APIs connect all functional micro services to a very flexible and highly customizable service.

GDPR compliance

PANTAFLIX complies to the regulations on user data and privacy according to EU law.

Hollywood certified security

Our platform complies with the strictest content protection requirements. End-to-end, from content ingest all the way to consumption on any user device. This includes DRM, Geo blocking and device management.

Multi DRM

Our DRM content protection technology protects premium content on all all user devices.

Video On demand/ Live streaming

Live Streaming is a powerful, virtual way to increase the interactivity with your audience.


PANTAFLIX supports transactional-, adverstising- and subscribtion based business models.

Cloud and/or On Premise

Special applications demand special solutions, therefore PANTAFLIX offers its cloud based and on demand service and platform also as a on premise solution.

Customer Experience

Unique design features deliver content to the right audience as a customized user experience dressed in your CI.

Embed player

Embed videos into your website with our HTML5 Player. Present a single video or full playlists and engage your viewers. Offer free content or monetize via different payment methods. Customize the player to match your website. Stream on demand or live.

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Combine different prerecorded or live media assets to create a playlist without the need of editing.  


PANTAFLIX can optimise the monetarization arrangement and implement attractive ad-funded, subscription or transaction based models that will fit the commercial target and strategy.

Payments & Vouchers

Customer friendly payment methods: Paypal, Credit cards, vouchers

Apps for multiple devices

Multidevice viewing with stunning quality video delivery across Web, iOS Android, Apple TV, FireTV and Smart TV Apps.

Distribution/ CDN

Content delivery network will enhance the user experience by providing faster page loads and performance with redundancy. The Content will be served from the nearest server and your bandwidth requirements will be certainly decreased.

Customization & Integration

Our platform is offering agile digital services with high possibilities for customization and integration of existing customer application and services.

Customizable UI/UX

Unique design features can be customised with your own fonts, colors and branding – either it will be a platform, website or the embed player.

API (SSO, Payment)

Connect your existing registration and payment systems to the platform through our documented APIs to insure a seamless user experience.

Front Ends

Connect the highly performant Pantaflix online video platform back end to your existing front end (UI).


Connecting your existing CRM solution with the Pantaflix platform allows you to drive campaigns maximizing ARPU and stickiness to your service.

Add Servers

Thanks to the Pantaflix VAST integration you have the choice of either using our existing add servers or connect yours to monetize your service.

Customer support

Pantaflix offers a variety of support options that can be tailored to your requirements. Out project team is here to help.

Multidevice viewing with stunning quality video delivery across Web, iOS, Android, Apple TVOS, FireTV and Smart TV Apps.

We are PANTAFLIX Technologies

PANTAFLIX Technologies GmbH provides solutions all around distributing, streaming and selling movies. With PANTAFLIX, consumers can enjoy fantastic entertainment from a vast portfolio of national and international films, series and TV-shows. Since it was founded in 2016, PANTAFLIX has established a global technology infrastructure that gives producers and content providers the unique opportunity to distribute their content worldwide quickly and easily and offer it on a single platform. Using advanced technology, high technical reach and significant content partnerships with major studios such as Warner Bros. and Disney, we are able to build amazing apps, architecture and develop great video on demand (VOD) platforms.

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